Problem installing SW, and where is the Install Guide ?

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Problem installing SW, and where is the Install Guide ?

Postby paul6 » Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:26 pm

Have just now joined this forum after searching in vain over 6 months for a working .SRT Translation from mainly Spanish, English, Romanian source.SRT TO Portuguese.SRT. Most of the previous review picks' have been on what turn out to be old unmaintained programs, eg 'Free SRT Translator', or a very young beta eg 'Gaupol'. Today, having read in their 17/9/15 review 'Top 10 Subtitle Translators' they gave high praise to SW: "Subtitle Workshop is the finest translating & editing gizmo ... ", I thought now to try it, based on that and another review.

All the clickable items on homepage to take you to homepage description which lists very many features of the program, but nowhere can I find a User Manual, Installation Guide or a list of dependancies.

I thought to take a chance, downloaded the ver6.01r5 9.40MB Windows file offered, unRAR it into its own folder, and was a bit surprised to see it had already created 7 subfolders to that, with just 3 files in root. Searched through that lot for readme, install, or manual instructions in vain, so took chance of clicking the SWXE.exe file (37MB). Up popped a small window looking similar to those in the review, but no button worked, not even the Windows Close button at top right; nor could I even drag the window.

Only way to get rid of it was Task Mgr. I then saw 2 new files had appeared in the source folder: SWXE.log 2KB & SWXE.xml 2KB. the .log file has about 30 lines, mostly in sections Initialize... Filling... Setting... Finalize.. then Bye! the xml file about 30 lines, makes ref. to my VLC Player (my only used Video Player). Last line </SWXE.Workspace>

So what am I missing ?

I read somewhere there is a User Manual, but only readable from the Help menu AFTER [successful] installation !
Its a bit of a bummer to find no manual, no install info, no dependancy list, then finding after clicking the 1 executable around after unzipping the .RAR file, the program just freezes.

I see there is a SWXE.key 4KB but no explanation what, if anything to do with it.

Grateful for anyone who has successfully got it going, for their advice on what I have done wrong.

My Toshiba laptop came with what has been the most common OS: Windows7 64bit Home. It has been updated to .NET4.6

As stated earlier, my main need is to Translate mainly Spanish, English, Romanian source.SRT TO Portuguese.SRT. I see scantily little mention of 'Translate' on this website, so hope getting it working is not a futile exercise ? Some of the other Translation programs I lost time on before, eg. FreeLanguageTranslator, keep suffering from Google's change of their Google Translate API, so unless author adapts to each change, its soon broken.
I read SW does not support .MKV; although I hope unconnected with .SRT Translation function, MKV with H264 codec is my preferred file type, due to its high storage efficiency.

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